Artist Statement

Ok! So! You know how bread dough is super satisfying? Like it sticks together to itself, so that when you kind-of flatten it, it pulls inward and shrinks back into itself? What we see is the surface tension of the dough, where it creates this really beautiful curve. That’s what I love! What we’re also seeing is the relationship between the dough and the area around it. The atoms that are the dough love each other so much, that they’re not really interested in whatever atoms compose the environment around the dough. The dough atoms would prefer to stick together.

Visually, I love seeing surface tension in a material, and I want to feature it. Conceptually, I am interested in the atomical relationship of surface tension. What we understand as a surface is simply a negotiation between one type of matter and another. It is often seen as a barrier, or a membrane but at all times it is a relationship.

My art practice is a tangible exploration of simultaneous materiality and immateriality. It is informed by the intersection of my lived experiences, Indigenous spirituality, and my curiosity around the substance of nature. Through a decolonial lens, I use my hands to wonder about the relationships between atoms of material, the semiotics of material and try to understand how we relate to these ideas as humans. I explore these relationships through play, both within field research, as well as in the creation of objects through my art practice.



2016 - 2022 (Expected)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Jewellery + Metals)

Alberta University of the Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Introductory Wise Practices in Indigenous Leadership - Banff Centre

Ótáp ímisskaan Youth Leadership Training


Mi tel'nexw Leadership Transformation - Mi tel'nexw Leadership Society



Summer Camp Residency - Marion Nicoll Gallery


"I Want to Believe" Research Programme - University of the Underground


Santa Rosa Arts and Healing



Potluck - Group Exhibition

Marion Nicoll Gallery


National Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration - Group Slideshow

Alberta University of the Arts - Digital Slideshow


Taking Care - Fibre Department Show

Alberta University of the Arts - Digital Exhibition


Incre-metal - Jewellery + Metals Department Show

Alberta University of the Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Aahwaatkamooksi Art Show - Group Exhibition

Alberta University of the Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Ignite! Festival of Emerging Artists - Group Exhibition

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


1st Year Exhibition - Vortex Gallery

Alberta University of the Arts - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Bridgeland Cultura Fest - Festival Poster

Bridgeland Riverside Community Association - Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Lessons From 2020 - Artist Spotlight

Alberta Craft Council - Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Panelist for Canadian Women in Craft: A Conversation - Alberta Craft Council



AUArts SA Fourth Year Legacy Scholarship

Jewellery + Metals Leadership Award

Jewellery + Metals Execution of Conceptually Based Work in a Jewellery Context Award

Barbara and John Poole Family Scholarship

Ivan Seller Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship


Jewellery + Metals Third Year Studio Award

Jewellery + Metals Leadership Award

AUArts SA Third Year Legacy Scholarship


Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership